Requests for a Sample Non-Electric Light Visor Prototype

    The current version of the non-electric Light Visor prototype are hand-made devices. I have a limited supply of the prototypes on hand. Opaque fabric shades are used on these devices simply because they perform better than the tinted plastic shades. However, you may easily exchange the fabric shade for other types of shades to conduct various experiments.
    Although I will attempt to respond to all requests for a Light Visor prototype to interested manufacturers and media outlets, I obviously cannot fill all requests immediately if there is suddenly a large demand for the prototypes. Therefore, if you should email a request for a Light Visor prototype to be sent to a specific person at a specific company or media address, I expect that you will understand that I will fulfill the requests in the order in which they are received.
    If you wish to request a Light Visor prototype, please send your email to the address below and provide me with a proper name and company or media address to whom I should forward the device.
    Here is the hyperlink to the Sample Instructions for a Non-Electric Light Visor.
Thank you in advance for your interest.

Best regards,

Tom Chesters